Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

          Is there a kill fee?

          No. Flat rate at $300. per hunter, per day for up to one buck and one doe in the same hunting day. If you are                  hunting a 1/2 day It will be one harvest. If you are hunting with two people in one blind with one paying,  your                limit will be 1 deer per day.  


          What kind of animals can I hunt?

          White-tail deer, hogs, coyotes, foxes, and raccoons only.

          Are there antler restrictions?

          No. We are west of I 35 in Comal County. In the past hunting seasons there were no antler restrictions in our                  area. Always check current hunting regulations before you hunt. 

          Lodging: We have a loft apartment that is available. It will sleep three adults. One full size bed, two cots,                            full size kitchen, washer dryer. 100.00 per night will cover 2 people. 50.00 per person over that. Bring your                        sleeping bags.        


          Is it a high-fence property?

          No. The property is low-fence.

          What kind of blinds do you offer?

          There are 3 (6x6) Landmark Permanent Hunting Blinds on 10' steel towers, sitting 22 yards away from automatic            feeders. Each blind has two swiveling hunting chairs inside. The floors of the blinds have 3/4 inch rubber                          horse stall matting to reduce noise, and help keep your sent from fall though the floor. They have 3                                  windows (adjustable) and a doorway that you can shoot though also.  


          What time should I arrive for my hunt?

          You should get here about 1.5 hours before sunrise so we can get you in the blind an hour before sunrise, that              way you will have time to calm down and for the game to return to normal activity.         

          Can I hunt with a rifle?

          No. Bow or Crossbow only.    

          Should I hunt all day?

          It's up to you but it can pay off. I see deer at the feeders at all times of day, more so as it cools off and                             especially during the rut.

          Should I bring food?

          You can bring your lunch, snack however I generally I provide lunch. (e.g.; burgers, fries, chili, sandwiches, desert            and drinks. We will also have cool water available but your are encouraged  to bring drinking water-                                  snacks for your blind. (Quite snacks)! We will provide a charging station for cell phones over lunch.



          Will you field dress and clean the deer?

          No, but I will coach you along if you need some guidance.

          Is it okay to bring a friend?

          We encourage Parents bringing their children hunting, under 12 yrs. old (no extra charge) in some cases 

        Husband and Wife are acceptable with prior approval. However, a fee of 100. will be for all other non hunters.

        When hunting with a friend (Two adults in the blind with one hunting. You be limited to one deer per day).  

          This year we are offering our loft apartment for hunters from out of town. 

          Full Kitchen, bath, laundry. twin bed, two cots.  (no wifi). 

          1 person  75.00

          2 people 100.00

          Up to 3 people 150.00


About The Shot:  All the blinds are 21 to 22 yards away from the feeder. The blinds are on 10' steel towers, (the level of your feet if your in the blind). While you setting in the blind your bow would be about 14'-141/2' off the ground. Your shot will be 14-14.5' vertical and 21-22 yards horizontal.